Developing Android Apps Using Java

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Official Program Description

This twelve-hour course will focus on the development of Android apps using the Java programming language. This course will introduce concepts of using the Android user interface (UI), gathering input from users, performing logical operations on content within the app, making decisions, and producing desired output, to develop an app that can be published for Android users. After this introduction to developing Android apps using Java, it is recommended that you take the online course, Android App Development Using Java, for in-depth exploration of Android app development concepts using Java and to develop your own e-portfolio of Android apps using Java.

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in developing Android apps using the Java programming language

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will understand the Android user interface with knowledge about input, variables, and operations. You will know about the icons and decision making controls, Android list, arrays and web browsers. You will also know how to implement audio, create animation, and display pictures in the Android apps before publishing your app.


  • Basic computer skills and comfort using Microsoft Windows
  • User level experience with mobile apps, preferably on an Android device
  • Basic programming experience using Java preferred

Attend and You Will Learn

  • The Android user interface
  • User input, variables, and operations
  • Icons and decision-making controls
  • Android lists, arrays, and web browsers
  • Implementing audio in Android apps
  • Displaying pictures in a gallery
  • Using a DatePicker
  • Navigating with tabs
  • Creating animation
  • Incorporating Google maps
  • Publishing your app

Additional Information

Instructor: Eric Schmieder


  Developing Android Apps Using Java
  2017 - TTS - Ongoing 2017   Status:  Available
Online:   1 Jul 2016 to 30 Jun 2017
Course Fee(s):
Gov't & Non-Profit Registration Fee non-credit    $349.00
Registration Fee non-credit    $449.00
Potential Discount(s):
  1.20 CEUs