Awarding the CEU

NC State University is the sponsoring organization that awards CEUs, assumes administrative responsibility for ensuring that continuing education experiences meet the criteria for awarding CEUs, and maintains a permanent record system.

One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is awarded for each ten (10) contact hours of instruction included in a specified continuing education program or activity.

The number of contact hours of instruction and appropriate CEUs to be awarded are determined prior to conducting a learning experience and only after the purpose and intended learning outcomes, requirements for satisfactory completion, content and content level, format, instructional methodology, instructional staff, and time schedule have been established. A decision to award the CEU cannot be made after the program or activity has been offered.

Only the number of completed instructional hours is considered in assigning CEUs. For example, 1.7 CEUs are assigned for a learning experience with a total of 17, 17.50, or 17.75 contact hours. Any fractional portion of an instructional hour calculated for the total program is disregarded.

To determine the number of contact hours, count the hours in the program and subtract refreshment breaks, lunches, and other activities not directly part of the instructional experience.

Program providers should carefully evaluate continuing education activities that involve less than ten (10) contact hours of instruction (less than 1.0 CEU) in terms of the CEU program criteria before deciding to award fractional CEUs (e.g., 0.3 or 0.4). Often, learning experiences scheduled for relatively short periods of time are not adequately planned, sequentially designed, or extensive enough to build a measurable competency which can be considered a significant continuing education experience.

Calculations of contact hours involved in a continuing education experience may include the following elements:
Classroom or meeting session time with direct participation between the learner and instructor or discussion leader, activities that use methods of instruction such as supervised independent study, directed reading, or project-based assignments; field trips (minus travel and other administrative time) and other experiential course activities but only on a basis of at least two experiential hours required for each contact hour of instruction.

Activities for which CEUs may not be awarded:

Committee meetings or other business activities. Policy assignments; conferences; delegate assemblies; or similar meetings for policy-making purposes; attendance at entertainment or recreational lecture series; cultural performances; and social activities; work experience; on-the-job training or apprenticeships do not qualify for the award of CEUs, unless structured as part of a planned educational experience that fulfills these program criteria; study; assigned readings; reports; written assignments; and other related activities outside of the class or meeting schedule.

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