About Us


Who We Are

Customized Contractual Education (CCE) is a unit within Continuing and Professional Education (CPE), serving as a gateway to the vast intellectual and technical resources at NC State University. CCE works with clients to provide programs that range from basic computer training to mid and high level computer skills and IT security professional development. Services also include Leadership/ Management programs for supervisors to senior management within any organization.

What We Do

The staff of Customized Contractual Education can access university resources to develop contractual/customized education opportunities. (Outcome/impact evaluations and methodologies are key specialties within CCE.)

Where We Are

The office of Customized Contractual Education is located within the McKimmon Conference and Training Center on the campus of NC State University, Raleigh, NC.

The Services We Can Provide from Start to Finish

  • Provide the connection to the units, services, and programmatic activities of Continuing and Professional Education
  • Develop cost-effective contractual/customized education solutions utilizing intellectual capital of NC State faculty and staff
  • Design, develop, and promote noncredit distance education opportunities
  • Provide outcome/impact assessments and methodologies to ensure quality programming
  • Establish vital content links to academic expertise
  • Review resources for funding opportunities to support educational programs