About Us


Who We Are

Customized Contractual Education delivers educational needs and addresses those strategic goals through custom educational programs. We work with your staff to define needs and then coordinate with instructors to design a targeted, needs-based learning experience.

These courses can be a single day, multiple days, week or several weeks over a year with interrelated topics. These specialized courses can be delivered at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center at NC State University, the company site, or off site. Custom courses apply insights to your organization’s real-world challenges while developing productive new knowledge and networks among employees.

What We Do

People are overwhelmed with the rapid pace of change in new technologies, and processes. In order for your organization to survive and thrive in a global economy, employees need ongoing education to keep their skills sets current and a business competitive. Customized Contractual Education is positioned to deliver courses and programs that lead to job growth, creation of new business opportunities and support business retention and recruitment.

Our entrepreneurial approach to talent development ensures quick-to-market training that is flexible, responsive, and innovative. By customizing courses we provide your business with content that addresses key issues within your specific organization while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Customized Contractual Education helps businesses thrive!

Where We Are

The office of Customized Contractual Education is located within the McKimmon Conference and Training Center on the campus of NC State University, Raleigh, NC.

The Services We Can Provide from Start to Finish

  • Connect the units, services, and programmatic activities of Continuing and Professional Education to your organization
  • Develop cost-effective contractual/customized education solutions utilizing intellectual capital of NC State faculty and staff and associations
  • Design, develop, and promote noncredit distance education opportunities
  • Establish vital content links to academic expertise
  • Review resources for funding opportunities to support educational programs