Onsite Training

Education for an organization and developing a schedule and classes takes more than a telemarketer or a catalog can deliver. Technology Training Solutions at NC State can deliver any of our 400+ instructor-led computer training classes to you.

Course content can be customized to focus directly on a particular business need or philosophy. We can update your organization’s skills with the latest management trends when needed, without having to wait for a program to become available in your area.

Instead of paying travel costs for multiple attendees, save time and money by having the classroom come to your site!

Targeted Education

In today’s competitive business environment, a highly skilled and productive workforce is a company’s greatest asset.

Customized Contractual Education can assist your organization by providing precision-crafted education, programs and consulting services. Your employees will benefit from committed, value-added delivery excellence, a supportive and productive learning environment, and state of the art facilities. Together, we will identify the most appropriate solution to benefit your employees and your organization and make the most of their educational experience.

All of our education is highly customizable. You will receive a program targeted to the specific needs of your staff aligned with the requirements of your organization, business or industry.

Specific Education Designed for Your Organization

Dedicated education for your organization is a cost-effective, efficient, and convenient way to train employees. By customizing the education to meet your needs, you can ensure that everyone in your organization shares a common vision about specific technologies and business processes.

Everything from content to location is at your discretion. Program delivery can be conducted at your facility, our facility, or another location of your choice. We deliver education in a format that best meets the needs of your organization, whether it’s consecutive days, one day a week, or evenings.

Our Place or Yours?

Courses may be conducted at your facility; our facility; or any local, national, or international location you choose. Education can be delivered in a format that best meets the needs of your organization, whether that’s consecutive days, one day a week, half days, or evenings.