Program Criteria for Awarding the CEU

CEUs will be awarded to course which are planned and organized to provide systematic instruction and sponsored by an NC State academic or administrative unit that is qualified to assess the quality of the program content and qualification of the instructor/presenters. There must be documented evidence of the following criteria.

Needs Identification

The non credit activity must be planned in response to identified needs of a target population by NC State faculty or staff having content expertise, by the McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education when appropriate, and with input from the target group, when feasible.

Learning Outcomes

The sponsor of the program must provide clear statements of educational objectives in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., new knowledge, skills, attitudes, or performance objectives to be realized as a result of the program. Performance objectives generally refer to specific outputs of learner efforts, such as being able to install boards and chips into a computer.

Content and Methodology

Program content should be logically organized and the format, duration, and instructional information presented in a systematic way consistent with the learning outcomes.


Instructors must be competent in the program subject matter by virtue of their education or training, professional experience, or demonstrated knowledge and they must know the purpose and the intended learning outcomes of the CEU program.

Requirements for Satisfactory Completion

There must be provision for registration of individual participants, procedures for awarding CEUs to individual participants, and attendance and competency requirements for satisfactory completion of the program must be established and announced prior to offering the program.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Assessment procedures will depend on the intended learning outcomes and must be established as part of the planning process. If learning outcomes are formally assessed, the results should be entered on the individual learner’s permanent CEU record.

Program Evaluation

Evaluation criteria must be established prior to the start of the program and should measure all aspects of the program including the administration and operation of the continuing education experience as a whole.

Facilities and Learning Support

The program sponsor should ensure that appropriate learning space, reference materials, and equipment are consistent with the purpose of each learning experience.

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