Battles of the American Revolution: 1778

Join us for part four of an ongoing series about the battles of the American Revolution. This course will explore the Revolutionary War battles of 1778, the most pivotal year of the war. The Continental Army emerges out of Valley Forge ready to stand with the British. The French formally enter the conflict and drastically change British strategy, turning the conflict into a true world war.  The French, British and American navies show their muscle, the armies extend the conflict north, south and west, and Iroquois Nation warriors terrorize Pennsylvania and upper New York colonial settlements, causing Washington to order the complete destruction of the Iroquois Nation. (Enrollment in the previous courses in this series are not prerequisites to enroll in this course.)

Note: There are two sections of this course, one in the first term and one in the second; choose the one that best fits your schedule. 

Registration deadline for first term: Sept. 11

Registration deadline for second term: Oct. 23


Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Battles of the American Revolution: 177809/13/21 - 10/18/21McKimmon CenterClassroom08/16/21 - 09/12/21  REGISTER NOW
Battles of the American Revolution: 177810/25/21 - 12/06/21McKimmon CenterClassroom08/16/21 - 10/24/21  REGISTER NOW