Battles of the American Revolution 1782-1783

Most American history texts end with Yorktown and skip immediately to the 1783 Treaty of Paris. What happened between 19 October 1781 and the year and a half afterwards is a story that needs to be told. Yorktown was not the last battle of the war. It was not even the last battle on the North American continent. Blood was spilled in Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. Even today, several U.S. towns lay claim to being the site of the last battle of the war on the continent. Savannah, Charleston and New York were still housing large garrisons of British troops. Nicaragua, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India, the West Indies, Gibraltar, Nova Scotia and even the Bahamas were scenes of battles from 1782 through 1783. There was a conspiracy in New York that threatened to end the military and political career of George Washington permanently. United States independence was still subject to Britain’s willingness to negotiate. This is the story of that last year and a half.

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