Design and Control of Insect Rearing Systems

This course in statistical process and quality control will consist of 20 hours (five hours per week for four weeks) of instruction (lecture and discussion), taught in Zoom (with Moodle) on a synchronous (live) basis where PowerPoint presentations and videos are presented and discussed. You will use JMP (from SAS) to go through the real-world tutorials; you do not need to have JMP to follow the examples. Course content will mainly be based on Dr. Allen Carson Cohen's books, Insect Diets, Science and Technology and Design, Operation, and Control of Insect Rearing Systems (both from CRC Press), plus recent and current research in the Insect Rearing Education and Research Program at North Carolina State University. The instructor for this course will be Professor Allen Carson Cohen, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University. Class size is limited to 25 participants to maximize class interaction. This is not a course in statistics, but it will help rearing personnel who are not statisticians use the statistically-based methods that are available in statistical packages.

See specific course content in "Learning Outcomes."

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Design and Control of Insect Rearing Systems12/02/21 - 12/30/21Webinar07/13/21 - 12/01/21  REGISTER NOW