eBusiness - Online

This e-business training program provides complete training in marketing, technology, legal issues, operations, and e-commerce. In this program, students will focus on management and leadership essentials in the e-business environment, learn the essentials of marketing, engaging with customers and promoting a business on the Web, how to maximize your infrastructure to support the operations or your e-business, website design and development, search engines, intranets, internet speed and access, servers, intellectual property, and online security, examine a wide range of legal issues for the new economy, look at an in-depth examination of the processes necessary to provide strategic support within the e-business, and finally explore a variety of special topics associated with e-commerce. Successfully completing this program will give students the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a business with an internet presence.

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
eBusiness - Online07/20/20 - 07/01/21Online07/20/20 - 06/30/21  REGISTER NOW