Energy Management 2

Energy Management (EM) 2 is part of the Energy Management Diploma program, designed to provide you with you with a hands-on, practical, real-world energy management education. In EM 2, you will concentrate on improving equipment efficiencies; topics will include compressed air systems, energy-efficient lighting, boilers and steam systems, thermal energy storage, HVAC systems, chillers and cooling towers, electric motors and power quality, and building automation and EMS.

About the EM Diploma Program

Three one-week courses--totaling 96 contact hours--will provide you with comprehensive, convenient and cost-effective energy education in the areas of managing energy for greater profitability; improving equipment efficiencies; and industrial and commercial energy, process and building analysis. The weekly sessions, or equivalent hours, do not have to be taken in sequence. You will learn from the most experienced, hands-on energy professionals available--your instructional team has trained some of the most successful energy managers in the world. Upon completion of the requirements, you will be awarded a non-degree diploma from NC State's Office of Professional Development.

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Energy Management 208/23/21 - 08/27/21McKimmon CenterClassroom11/20/20 - 08/23/21  REGISTER NOW
Energy Management 208/23/21 - 08/27/21Webinar06/30/21 - 08/19/21  REGISTER NOW