Excel Charts, Graphs and Maps

People respond better to visual displays of data.  You can create those visuals using Microsoft Excel's charts, graphs and 3D maps tools. This class will provide you with an in-depth exploration of charts, graphs and maps. You will begin with basics on creating charts and using the appropriate chart type for your data, and then learn to modify and format chart elements.  You will go beyond the basics and create advanced chart types including histograms, forecast sheets and pivot charts; use sparklines and conditional formatting to employ the latest graphics in Excel; and use PowerMap to showcase geographically-based data on a 3D globe.

See specific content information in "Learning Outcomes." 

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Excel Charts, Graphs and Maps09/20/21 - 09/20/21Webinar05/21/21 - 09/16/21  REGISTER NOW