How to Save a Country: Bridging the Political Divide

The United States is undergoing a period of cross-viewpoint hostility rivaling that leading up to the Civil War. Many Americans see those they disagree with about issues, policies, candidates and parties less as fellow citizens with differing perspectives than as enemies determined to destroy the country. Are we doomed to continue on a path leading to increasing unrest and violence, fractured families and friendships, and the deterioration of democracy? Learn about theories, contexts, and impacts of current U.S. political polarization, and how national nonprofit Braver Angels designs and implements programming using a proven approach to bridge-building that doesn’t rely on moderation, consensus, or Kumbaya. Gain insight, perspective, a few new skills of your own, and even a little bit of hope for our country’s future!

Required Reading: On website, under the dropdown menu labeled "Our Story", read sections "The Problem"; "How We Started". and "Our Approach".

Recommended Reading: View 50-minute documentary, "Braver Angels: Reuniting America" (

Registration deadline: March 13

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