Intellectual Property Law for Engineers Certificate-Online

All engineers should be particularly concerned with patent law--the constitutionally-based discipline that has to do with the process by which an invention, and its creator, are protected by the law from infringement and unfair competition. This course will deal with patent applications, research and prosecution; the law of infringement, and computer applications of software (protected by copyright) and hardware (by patents). You will also learn what other concepts are patented, as well as machines, processes, mixtures, manufacturing, compositions of materials and methods of doing business and research.

Because the engineer must be at least conversant with the other forms of intellectual property, this course will also address copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets and business methods. You will be given a survey of the rights of creative and ingenious people, and receive the necessary information to protect yourself and your ideas in intellectual property matters.

You will be expected to spend an average of 8 hours per week reading and completing writing assignments. Please note that, barring extenuating circumstances, extensions will not be granted. 70% is the minimum passing score on all tests and assignments for this course. You may consider working ahead in the curriculum if you have the time. Coursework in Intellectual Property is equivalent to 45 clock hours of study.

Required Textbook

  • Fundamentals of Patenting and Licensing for Scientists and Engineers, 2nd Edition, by Matthew Y. Ma

Highly Recommended Legal Resources

  • Oran’s Dictionary of the Law, 4th Edition, by Daniel Oran. Clifton Park: Delmar Cengage Learning
  • Westlaw, online legal research access, available for the duration of the course for only $89

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