Leading Project Teams

Discover how to turn a project group into a winning project team!  One job of the project manager is to integrate people with different knowledge and skills into a functional team, so that each can make a specific contribution. You must therefore have very good people skills in order to have a successful project. In this class, you will earn how to deal effectively with the "people" side of projects--you will learn to manage and lead, to influence and motivate, and to work with team members to get the best possible performance from each individual. You will return to work better equipped to bring out the best in those individuals on your team.

Project managers whose jobs involve engineering, data processing, information technology, construction, research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, corporate planning, finance, marketing, and quality will benefit from this class. The principles can be applied to any kind of project. The class is especially valuable for managers who are concerned with effectively managing projects for which the cost, schedule, and performance must meet rigid requirements.

Please see specific content information in "Learning Outcomes."

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Leading Project Teams05/09/22 - 06/17/22Online03/23/21 - 05/05/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams09/12/22 - 10/21/22Online03/23/21 - 09/08/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams01/18/22 - 02/26/22Online03/23/21 - 01/13/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams10/25/21 - 10/27/21Webinar04/09/21 - 10/21/21  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams10/31/22 - 12/09/22Online03/23/21 - 10/27/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams09/13/21 - 10/22/21Online11/16/20 - 09/06/21  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams03/14/22 - 04/22/22Online03/23/21 - 03/10/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams07/11/22 - 08/19/22Online03/23/21 - 07/07/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams02/07/22 - 02/09/22McKimmon CenterClassroom04/09/21 - 02/03/22  REGISTER NOW
Leading Project Teams11/01/21 - 12/10/21Online11/16/20 - 10/25/21  REGISTER NOW