Lecture -- A Raleigh Neighborhood: 100 Year Old Hayes Barton

Hayes Barton is an example of the American growth experience. Local resident Terry Henderson wrote of this historic neighborhood in his 2020 book Hayes Barton @100: Stories of the People, Places, and Events That Shaped Raleigh's Premier Neighborhood. While others have written of Raleigh’s early days and founders, Henderson gives us insight into a later chapter of the city’s development and of people who have been important to this community. You will learn many interesting aspects about this exceptional neighborhood that was born in the era of Prohibition, women’s suffrage, and the Roaring Twenties. Stories of the people introduce us to some fascinating characters, many of whom we know about but never associated with Hayes Barton. Those of us who came to the neighborhood when it was fully developed now can enjoy learning about events that shaped its character. A chronology at age one hundred is a valuable contribution to us all.

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