Lecture -- How to Watch a Documentary

Often a passive medium, the documentary form positions itself as being a bringer of “objective” truth.  But who is telling the story and what does objectivity mean to them?  Is there such a thing as true objectivity?  How do we as audience members push back on stories which we feel traffic in stereotypes and tropes?  How do we usher in and make space as the audience to hold the makers accountable to be mindful of their own privilege when making?  Documentarians Dorian Aidee Gomez Pestaña & Michael A. Betts, II walk audiences through what their power is and how to best use it to ensure we are setting the entire production chain up for telling nuanced and complex stories.  

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Lecture -- How to Watch a Documentary10/26/21 - 10/26/21Webinar08/16/21 - 10/22/21  REGISTER NOW