Lecture -- The Botany, History, and Culture of Cacao

This presentation will highlight some of the many fascinating aspects of cacao – the botanical source of chocolate!  NCSU ethnobotanist Dr. Jillian De Gezelle will discuss the botany and geographic origins of this tropical rainforest tree, as well as what is known about the ancient history of its preparation and use from Mexico, Central and South America.  Cacao continues to be a sacred plant, food and medicine for Indigenous cultures in Central America, and this talk will cover some of the traditional uses of cacao in Belize and Panama.  Both Indigenous knowledge and scientific studies tell of the benefits of cacao and dark chocolate to human health, so the presentation will end with even more reasons to love chocolate!

Registration deadline: Nov.15

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Lecture -- The Botany, History, and Culture of Cacao11/17/21 - 11/17/21Webinar08/16/21 - 11/15/21  REGISTER NOW