Lecture -- The Wonders of Prehistoric Art

As we engage with the artifacts of the past: as far back as prehistoric cave art and objects from the Upper Paleolithic period 20,000 years ago, we can identify characteristics we share with these unknown artists that exclaim "we are human." This visual presentation will focus on images and objects based on the creativity, imagination, and skills of our early ancestors. The cave art of Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain, discovered in the 20th century, reveals the impetus that drove people to accomplish impossible feats: representations of animals as recalled in the imagination of the artist and rendered in inaccessible, unlit vast underground spaces. Small size figurines of women, known as Venus Figures, found throughout Europe and Siberia are stunning in their effect and beauty even if we are not certain of their meaning. We will discuss the “how and why” of unforgettable images. The drive to leave marks and images for whatever purpose is as prevalent today as in prehistoric times, and our response to both ancient and modern beauty is awe and wonder. 

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Lecture -- The Wonders of Prehistoric Art10/04/21 - 10/04/21McKimmon CenterClassroom08/16/21 - 10/03/21  REGISTER NOW