Managing Product Development Projects

There are many aspects of developing products that require different approaches than those used for well-defined jobs. You often do not have historical data to guide the process and facilitate estimations and projections. You are often working with cutting-edge technology. The lack of data and presence of new technology make the outcomes uncertain. The absence of precedence and presence of uncertainty therefore necessitate the utilization of different approaches in product development projects. This class will help you choose approaches that will improve your success probabilities for product development.

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Managing Product Development Projects10/11/21 - 10/13/21Webinar04/12/21 - 10/07/21  REGISTER NOW
Managing Product Development Projects03/14/22 - 04/22/22Online04/02/21 - 03/10/22  REGISTER NOW
Managing Product Development Projects07/11/22 - 08/19/22Online04/02/21 - 07/07/22  REGISTER NOW