Secrets of Master Gardeners

Join three Certified Wake County Extension Master Gardeners as they share tools and tips guaranteed to make your garden grow!

Sept. 15: Propagation- More Plants for Your Garden  - Propagation is a fun and inexpensive way to make more plants to increase your garden or to give to friends and family.  With in-class demonstrations, we will see the different types of plant divisions, talk about air layering, both in ground and on stem and demonstrate preparing stem cuttings.  We will see how to reuse plastic containers as mini greenhouses and talk about the more elaborate mist systems.  These three methods of asexual propagation will produce an exact replica of the parent plant. Presenter: Cindy Chappell;  ECU Art Teacher K-12; Certified Wake County Extension Master Gardener; Golden Shovel Award, NC State Cooperative Extension.

Sept. 22: Growing and Cooking with Herbs - Annual, perennial, and woody herbs can be easy to grow in North Carolina. Drawing on NC Cooperative Extension best practices, this session will highlight familiar and less-familiar herbs, their ideal growing conditions, creative ways to situate them, and how to avoid some common problems. We will also touch on some culinary applications of herbs in traditional cultures of Italy, India, Asia, Mexico and more. You will come away with online links to recipes and book suggestions to explore further. Presenter: David Potorti:  BS, Radio and Television, Ithaca College; Certified Wake County Extension Master Gardener; longtime journalist, radio and television producer; spent 13 years as cultural tourism director and literature/theater director for NC Arts Council.

Sept. 29 Weeds: Identification and Control  - Weeds compete with desired home garden plantings and for the home gardener’s attention, energy, time and money. This lecture will focus first on the definition and identification of weeds common to our area and then discuss the armamentarium available to control them. Presenter: Tom Packer: BA, JD Univ. of California; Certified Master Gardener – Wake County; moderator of Gardening Carolina Facebook Group; Gardeners of Wake County; J.C. Raulston Arboretum Volunteer; Diamond in the Rough Award - NC State Cooperative Extension.

Registration deadline: Sept. 13

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Secrets of Master Gardeners09/15/21 - 09/29/21McKimmon CenterClassroom08/16/21 - 09/14/21  REGISTER NOW