Social Media Professional - Online

Social media is now a necessary part of any organization's marketing, sales, recruiting, or public relations initiatives. Organizations that use social media effectively create long-term brand advocates from social media followers. Learn how to move your organization to social media success.

This course will help you master all elements of the most important social media tools, and will teach you how to integrate the tools with each other and with external websites. Each lesson will use real-world examples and will focus on planning, optimization, best practices and digital ethics. Worksheets and suggested hands-on activities will accompany each lesson.

You will explore social media integration planning in more detail and learn effective techniques to analyze social media success. You will also learn search optimization techniques necessary to any successful social media or digital marketing strategy, as well as topics in mobile marketing and technologies.

Discussion will look specifically at how businesses use social media and how to prepare social media strategies, plans, guidelines and policies for any size organization. Successful completion of this course will not only prepare you for a career as a social media director, but will give you the skills necessary to adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape.

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Social Media Professional - Online07/20/20 - 07/01/21Online07/20/20 - 06/30/21  REGISTER NOW