The 1920s

The years between the end of WWI (Nov. 11, 1918) and the Great Crash (Oct. 29, 1929) were a time of change, turbulence, and enthusiasms. The radio and "talkies," home appliances, short skirts and short hair, jazz, sexual liberation, and, above all, the Model T and Model A Ford were radically altering daily life. In addition to the uncertainties that accompanied change, it was a decade beset with problems: the Red Scare, labor strikes, nativism, a new KKK, political scandals, Prohibition, the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and an introduction to the culture wars to come. But despite the problems and uncertainties, it was a time of enthusiasm for sports (Babe Ruth), celebrities (Charles Lindbergh), and fads (flagpole sitting). It was a decade that seems both familiar and relevant.

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