The Holocaust -- How Did it Start

In a review of social media content during June and July 2021, the UN Department for Global Communications and UNESCO found that 10 percent of posts on Facebook and 15 percent of posts on Twitter that discussed the Holocaust contained denial or distortion content. During COVID-19, anti-vaccination opponents introduced flawed comparisons to the Holocaust in the form of "Not Vaccinated" yellow Stars of David, shirts with slogans like "6MWE", and protests comparing government mandates to Nazi persecution of Jews. The Anti-Defamation League, which tracks antisemitic behavior nationwide, found a 34% increase in antisemitic incidents in 2021 from the year before. Is history repeating itself? Using pictorial evidence of events and videos of survivor testimonies, this interactive course will explore the human attitudes and behaviors that not only led to the murder of 6 million Jews but are still evident today. The instructor will share the challenges his parents faced surviving in the open using fake identities as non-Jews and what it was like growing up as a child of survivors. Taking lessons learned from the Holocaust, we will explore our own attitudes and behaviors toward others and what we can do to help fulfill the promise of "Never Again."

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