Criteria For Use

Criteria for use

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Criteria for Use

I. Introduction

The McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) was constructed and operates to provide facilities and services for educational and/or learning activities sponsored by NC State University as well as other public and private sector organizations. Traditionally, these will be noncredit activities for adults. Specific eligibility for use criteria were established and are closely administered with respect to all functions held in the Center. The Umstead Act passed by the NC Legislature was used as a key reference in the development of the criteria.

II. Requirements

Potential users of the MCTC either inquire about or request space for their particular program, function or event. Adhering to the following overall criteria, Client Relations personnel will determine if the requested activities qualify for implementation in the Center.

  1. The planned activity must be an educational program organized or sponsored by a campus, non-profit or private sector business or organization to be approved for Center utilization. Educational and/or learning activities are events in which knowledge is disseminated or information is shared.

  2. Program content and format for offerings approved for implementation in McKimmon must be consistent with the educational purpose of the Center. As such, these offerings cannot have mass membership solicitation and/or the marketing/sale of merchandise or products as their prime purpose or as a part of the instructional presentation.

  3. Approval for McKimmon space utilization does not imply endorsement by either NC State or MCTC of the program content and the views that may be expressed during implementation. Approval for use of the Center means that the program appears to meet the criteria for such space use.

  4. Events that are an integral component of a scheduled educational activity can be held in the Center, regardless of the program’s sponsor.

  5. University departments, recognized campus organizations and UNC Office of the President can sponsor other types of course provided the activity is relevant to the purpose of the sponsoring unit, is approved/sanctioned by an official campus representative, and reflects the overall mission of NC State University.

  6. The University, established as a public institution, does not jointly sponsor any political or sectarian gatherings unless the law specifically authorizes such use of university facilities. The MCTC space decisions are consistent with that position.

  7. Requests for use of the Center should be submitted as far in advance as possible with scheduling arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. Should requests be received at the same time for remaining available space, first priority will be given to educational course which are organized and sponsored by academic, extension or administrative units of NC State.

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Policies and Procedures

  1. Smoking Regulations
  2. Meeting Reservation and Confirmation Guidelines
  3. Courtyard Use Criteria
  4. Cultural Resource Room Criteria
  5. Room 232 Use Criteria
  6. Catering Use Criteria
  7. Alcohol Use Criteria