Program Goals

Connecting in North Carolina (CINC) Program Goals

Goal 1

“Getting to know North Carolina in the land-grant tradition” will enable NC State University to better serve the students, faculty, and people of North Carolina. It is important that new faculty and staff be acquainted with the state’s greatest treasure, its diverse people. Strength of character, indomitable spirit, and strong cultural heritage speak to the richness of North Carolina’s citizens. North Carolinians support us with their taxes, send us their children, hire our graduates, and elect our legislators. It is our belief that this statewide grass roots exposure to people and places will have a positive effect on overall University job satisfaction, will help us retain our outstanding faculty, and will impact the quality of our students’ learning experience.

Goal 2

Faculty and staff who feel a connection to the state will make a commitment to meaningful University service. We want to introduce new members to the University at work around the state to provide them with a full and varied look at ongoing University research and engagement. The insights gained about the businesses, industries, public schools, and the communities they serve will provide our faculty and staff with a greater regional understanding of the state, broader knowledge of an engaged University, and contacts for future research and extension collaboration. Through such joint initiatives, quality of life should be impacted, economic development should be stimulated, and contemporary issues should be addressed innovation in action.

Goal 3

It is important that CINC participants be offered the opportunity to take the road less traveled for it will indeed make all the difference. North Carolina State University is an immense institution that can be overwhelming to new employees. While it may be relatively easy to meet colleagues within each department, it is often difficult to establish interdisciplinary contacts and build networks that help make the University a community. The bus trip builds a spirit of cooperation among departments, units and disciplines, and helps to integrate all cultures into a campus community.

Goal 4

The investment that we make today will reap untold benefits in the years to come for all sectors of our economy, our citizens, our children, and our University. We want the state to have a chance to speak for itself through its physical beauty and its vast diversity. From the glistening waters off our coast to the majesty of our western mountains, from our peach and apple blossoms to towering pines, North Carolina, from Murphy to Manteo, offers a variety of natural expressions throughout the year.

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