Award of Excellence for Customized Corporate Education

The McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education (MCE&CE) Award of Excellence recognizes an organization’s commitment to corporate delivery of employee training for continuing education and professional development.

The award recognizes the 90-plus years history of NC State University in extension and continuing education, and the leadership and dedication to the land-grant mission of NC State University. MCE&CE has continually evolved to meet the educational needs of individuals, organizations, governmental agencies, and corporations. MCE&CE has proudly carried on the tradition of public service first established by Jane S. McKimmon, a pioneer in the field of continuing education.

As a result of these local, regional, and national efforts, the role and value of continuing higher education was elevated, leading to the creation and adoption of the internationally accepted Continuing Education Unit (CEU) as a universal quality standard.


This annual recognition is awarded to an organization that seeks educational opportunities for its employees in order to create a highly skilled and productive workforce. They have committed to delivering continuing education and professional development to organizational staff and established customized professional development as being integral for the success of the organizational mission. This award also recognizes the commitment towards the educational needs of diverse staff and employees, in order to build and increase the intellectual capital to address daily and future opportunities.


Nominees will have been active partners with one or more MCE&CE units in the successful development and delivery of programs or services that effectively and efficiently meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

Significant individuals or private and/or publicly traded companies, state or federal agencies, non-profit and/or associations are eligible for nomination. The qualifying characteristics to be considered in the nomination process are:

Qualifying Characteristics

(No one nominee must meet all qualifications)

  • Exemplifies the spirit of extension, engagement, continuing education, and professional development.
  • Provides a commitment in the creative and innovative development and implementation of continuing education for a designated workforce.
  • Improves the quality of knowledge for corporate citizens through leveraging the intellectual capital of NC State University’s ten colleges and centers knowledge and technical resources.
  • Contributes to the support of “scholarly programs” through funding, partnerships, and other support of academic programs of undergraduate and graduate students and/or staff and faculty.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art techniques, employee-sensitive approaches, and long-term planning that maximize educational opportunities to all staff.
  • Influences the establishment or refinement of programs that address issues of significance to MCE&CE’s constituents and University stakeholders in general.
  • Extends continuing education and professional development opportunities to previously underserved populations.
  • Utilizes customized contractual education to provide precision-crafted education and/or assessment services.
  • Provides employees with a productive learning environment and continuing education programs that will enhance their skills as individuals and employees.

One award will be presented annually at the spring NC State Outreach and Engagement Awards Celebration and Reception.

Award Recipients


First Citizens Bank

Pictured left to right: Provost Warwick Arden, Donna High Brickell, Kimberly W. Stewart, Andrew Billingsley


Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc.

Pictured: Andrew Billingsley (left) and Marc McNair (right)


NC Community College System Office

Pictured left to right: Patrick Fleming, Dr. Saundra Williams, Andrew Billingsley, Daniel Boyette


Capital Area Workforce Development Board

Pictured left to right: Andrew Billingsley, Dr. James Zuiches, Darnell Thoms, Pat Sturdivant, Dr. Tom Stafford



Pictured left to right: Provost Warwick Arden, Trish Romo, Andrew Billingsley



Pictured: Andrew Billingsley (left) and Thomas Johnson (right) 


L-3 STRATIS (a division of L3 Communications)

Pictured left to right: Andrew Billingsley, Keith Linthicum, James Moore, Don Carfagna, Dr. James Zuiches


Cooper Hand Tools

Pictured left to right: Andrew Billingsley, Russell Gallimore, Alice Warren, Gary Masse, Matt Kizak