Finance and Business Partners

Stephen Toumey

1. TTS
          a. 303053
Technology Training Solutions
2. OPD
          a. 303270
          b. 376196
          c. 386155
          d. 567293
          e. 679611
          f. 765456
Office of Professional Development
Special Activity (Food)
Imprest Fund (Sports Fishing School)
School Nutrition Leadership Academy
UPS / Driver Training Account
CPE Gift Account (only OPD; all phases except 30300, 30301 and 30333)

Latoya Howard

1. Vice Provost
          a. 211274
          b. 221270
          c. 271270
          d. 303300
          e. 376324
          f. 376344
          g. 376399
          h. 376567
          i. 663580
          j. 679550
          k. 679740
          l. 680626
          m. 760868
          n. 991630
          o. 991658
MCE&CE Non-Credit
MCE&CE Overhead
Connecting In NC (CINC)
Administrative Support Services
MCE&CE Marketing Services
HackerU Contractual Agreement (overseen by AVP Business Operations/interim); process certified loan and revenue sharing payments
William L. Turner Lobby Fund
Continuing Education Income
Continuing Education/AA Adult Grant Endowment – INC
Edwards, C.W. Continuing Education
Wakefield / McKimmon
Key Haven

Nikki Cofield

1. 991706
2. 385741
MCE&CE Suspense Account: Ungerboeck and other Deposits (primary)
Continuing Education/Destiny Clearing Account (For credit card fees)

Amy Wilson

1. CEU
          a. 376323
CEU Operating Account
          a. 211002
          b. 303002
          c. 765456
Upper Coastal Plain Partnership
Community Outreach
UCPLC/CPE Gift Account (Phases 30300 and 30301)
3. The Gateway
          a. 201209
          b. 303331
          c. 765456
Gateway Technology Center
ECU/NCSU Collaborative
Gateway/CPE Gift Account (Phase 30333)
          a. 211273
          b. 261271
          c. 375598
          d. 762532
CUACS Academic Affairs & Community Service
Urban Affairs Overhead
Technical Assistance to Public Schools
CUACS Fixed Price Residual
          a. 311276
          c. 375578
          d. 372825
McKimmon Conference & Trg. Center
1. Campus Rental Agreement Billings: Nikki to Amy
McKimmon Repair & Replacement
Print Services
1. Print Services billings: Nikki to Amy
          a. 376456
          b. 663820
          c. 681039
          d. 760866
          e. 769316
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
OLLI Annual Giving
Encore Endowment – Income
OLLI Enhancement Fund
OLLI Endowment – Income
OLLI Registration assistance primary

Chris Heggie, Business Services Coordinator

  1. Travel Setup
  2. SAR (primary); AOE Business Office (backup)
  3. Safe Control/Accountability
    1. Payments and refunds for McKimmon
    2. Serve as backup to AOE Accountant-C for refunds processing for all campus clients
    3. MyCAA Invoicing and Payments (VR&E Tungsten Invoicing System (primary))
      1. Stacy and Jessie are backup
  5. HackerU Loan Certifications and distributions to HackerU
    1. AVP Business Operations Primary
    2. Chris backup until he takes over in the future
  6. Ungerboeck: All MCE&CE
    1. Register participants if needed for OPD
    2. OLLI registration assistance (starting August 9, 2021)
    3. Balance deposits on a daily basis
    4. Refunds and post payments (OPD/MCTC)
    5. Backup to Nikki: Using the client’s Purchase Order in Ungerboeck to generate an invoice to business and send electronically to external client
    6. Any final Destiny refunds issues as needed
  7. Inventories
    1. Capital Asset Management (CAMs)
      1. Ryan Lawrence (need to add)
      2. Chris Labrie (already a CAMS Coordinator)
      3. Chris Heggie is Primary Coordinator
    2. Lifecycle (coordinating with Chris LaBrie)
    3. Home Use – possibly convert to AssetPanda application, no more paper and automated workflow (currently Kyle Wallace)
    4. Other inventories not in the above
  8. Insurance & Risk Management (data from inventories to ensure building and contents are covered)
  9. ComTech Telephone Statements