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The McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education (MCE&CE) serves as a gateway to the vast intellectual and technical resources at NC State University. A center in the truest definition of the word – a hub of activity encompassing a wide array of learning opportunities, professional meeting facilities, and applied research services–MCE&CE is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and resources available through our land-grant University.

McKimmon Center Display Case DimensionsAs part of its mission to serve its University and campus constituencies, MCE&CE is pleased to offer use of four pedestal-style display cases for the exhibition of University-related items. The purpose for these display cases is to better showcase the campus to the more than 195,000 annual participants in McKimmon Center-hosted events.

Colleges and key units are invited to submit an exhibit for a period of six months. To maximize exposure, each exhibit will be rotated between two display cases for three months at a time. There is no cost involved, however the College or unit must agree to the Guidelines for Usage detailed on the following page.

Colleges and units have the flexibility to design their displays as they deem appropriate. The McKimmon Center encourages exhibits that relate to extension and engagement initiatives and ones that reflect our land-grant mission. Suggestions include outreach course, student projects, applied research, scale models, awards and recognitions, special events, and activities.

Guidelines for Usage

Measurements: The acrylic dome of the display cases is mounted approximately 41″ above floor level. The display area measures (Length) 35″ X (Width) 35″ X (Height) 15″.

  1. Display case reservations are limited to one display case per college or University unit per timeframe. Display cases are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for a period of 6 months: January-June, April-September, July-December, or October-March. Each display will rotate position after three months so that it will be displayed in two different display cases during its six-month display period.
  2. A representative of the College or unit will be responsible for the set-up, moving (during the 3-month rotation), and dismantling (at the end of 6 months) of the exhibit.
  3. The overall display concept must be submitted to and approved by the Display Services Coordinator at least two weeks prior to placement.
  4. The displays must reflect the purpose of the responsible college/unit and must be consistent with the land grant mission of NC University.
  5. Sponsors may access the display case only after receiving the approved copy of their request.
  6. All materials exhibited are the responsibility of the sponsoring unit. McKimmon Center assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to display materials/content. Display cases are secured using screws but are not keyed.
  7. Due to the diverse clientele of the McKimmon Center, materials that may be considered controversial or that are sectarian and/or political in nature are not permitted in display cases.

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