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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at NC State provides noncredit short courses, study trips, special events, and extracurricular activities for adults aged 50+. Over 1,500 adults in the Triangle participate in OLLI each year and the ages range from 50-90+. OLLI also offers social events and study trips and hosts active member-led special interest groups.

Impacts and Achievements

During the 2018-19 program year, 1,700 OLLI members enrolled in 129 short courses, 82 lectures, 29 study trips, and four events, with a total enrollment of 10,818. The courses were taught by 201 volunteer instructors. Eleven percent of OLLI members volunteered for the program as instructors, class hosts, committee members, ambassadors, and special interest group leaders. In end-of-course evaluations, participants gave an average overall rating of 4.6 for instructors, 4.6 for courses, and 4.8 for OLLI in general (on a 5-point scale, with 5=excellent). For details, read 2018-19 Annual Report Highlights.

What People Are Saying

“OLLI provides a challenge and stimulus to areas of knowledge and thinking, which stimulates my creativity, sparks long-forgotten areas of interest, and helps me discover new insights and thinking.”

“OLLI has improved my mental well-being and activity level and has widened my social interaction. It is great to be able to discuss items of current or historical interest rather than gossip or TV shows.”

“The programs have engendered not only fun, new friends, and mental stimulation, but also a greater confidence in myself as these ‘older’ years take away some of my physical and mental abilities!”

“When we moved here from Michigan we lived north of 540. After six years, we moved and are now only one mile from OLLI, which was a main reason for our move.”

“I’ve had a difficult transition from an exciting career to retirement. OLLI has been the intellectual stimulation that has helped with this process.”

“OLLI provides great mental stimulation – the kind you can take home with you and think about for days.”

“Besides stimulating my interest in several topics, this program and my enrollment in it are valuable topics of conversation as I attempt to make friends here in Raleigh.”

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