MCE Social Media Management and Marketing for Business Certificate

The next class will be offered on Mondays, Feb. 28 - May 23 (except April 18), 1-4:15 p.m. Click on this link to be taken to the course page where you will be able to ADD TO CART and REGISTER.

Reach customers and clients where they spend their time—online. Learn how to use social media platforms to build traffic and increase conversion where people learn, shop, and share.

The Social Media Management and Marketing for Business Certificate is a hands-on program that will show you how to develop and manage an effective social media program. You will follow a ten-step program to complete a full social media proposal and program for a business or nonprofit you wish to support. A program is bigger than any of the individual sites; a program includes understanding strategy, voice, policy, and many other elements of a business approach. You will also learn about social media tools and strategies, content creation and management, and project and risk management. You will receive extensive online resources and document templates, access to a closed online community for participants, and an hour of consulting with the instructors.

The course will cover:

  • Social Media overview and perspectives
  • Initial inventory: gathering intelligence
  • Discovery: what does your client think / want / know
  • 360 Audit: what is happening in the client landscape
  • Planning, policy, and proposing: defining the work
  • Understanding the social media options
  • Creating relevant content with an emphasis on brand storytelling
  • Integrating photography and video to support your brand
  • Metrics and reporting: results
  • Fundamentals of paid ads, including Facebook and Google
  • Issues in social media management: ownership, responsibility, more
  • Best practices: tools, automation, workflow, systems
  • Website technologies, email marketing and directory overview
  • Integrating traditional, new, and social media marketing
  • Marketing your social media management practice
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for career development opportunities

Why You Should Attend

  • Earn a social media marketing certificate in 12 weeks, 36 hours
  • Highly engaged participants in a virtual environment with interaction in and after class.
  • Taught through continuing education
  • On-going community support and regular meetings for graduates

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for:

  • People looking to refresh their marketing skills
  • School administrators who are responsible for filling educational programs
  • Small business owners who need to understand the possibilities of online marketing
  • Individuals promoted into positions where there are responsible for a brand’s social media activities
  • Nonprofit staff who want to expand the reach of the organization

Attend and You Will Receive

  • A certificate of completion from NC State University

This course is taught by social media experts Martin Brossman and Karen Tiede.