MCE WordPress Certificate

WordPress currently powers over 35% of the web ( Join this number by learning this free, open-source platform that is easy to use and customizable with over 55,000 plug-ins. WordPress makes it easy to snap together a website without knowing the web languages involved--from customizable designs to mobile-friendly sites to high performance, WordPress helps you get up and running quickly.

This certificate program will arm you with the knowledge to make a properly designed website from great graphics to the ultimate search engine optimization (SEO) performance using WordPress. You will work with free open-source tools to design, build, and customize a WordPress-based website. You will start with standard WordPress themes and add all the plugins needed to provide user functionality. You will also customize the look and feel of the website with child themes (a child theme is a WordPress template that inherits all features and characteristics of another theme, called the parent theme).

Whether you need to improve your existing corporate website or start a new one, this certificate course will teach you how to create a website based on user experience following the best web practices of today.

How to Register

Click on the Register button. You will be directed to REPORTER where you will actually register for the program, and then for the course or courses that comprise the program.

Login to REPORTER using the BRICKYARD Login option, and register for the program, following the instructions provided below.

How to Register After You Have Logged in to REPORTER

Locate the certificate or diploma program in the catalog or through a direct link.

Click the Register button.

A confirmation window will open; confirm you would like to register yourself for the program by selecting Proceed.

You will then arrive at your order summary. Check out, and then return to the Home Page to select the course or courses that comprise the program.

How to Register for Courses in a Certificate or Diploma Program

On your homepage, scroll down until you see the section for ‘Program Enrollment’. Locate the Certificate and click the View Programs option under the title.

  • Select the blue Register for All Program Items button.

  • You will be brought to a filtered view of the catalog, showing the items in your program. Select the Add to Cart option next to each course you wish to register for.

  • After selecting the last course for your program, click ‘Proceed to Cart’ on the popup -- or click the Cart link in the top right.

You must select that you “have read and agree to the registration policies” for each item in your cart.

Then click the green Proceed to Order Summary button on the right hand side.

Review your selections, and then click the Checkout button at the bottom of the page.

You should be brought to your order summary, confirming your registration. You can add sessions to your calendar by clicking the add to calendar button. You will also receive a registration email for each course with additional details.

Note: Understanding the certificate or diploma program fee structure

In some cases, you will not immediately see a fee for enrolling in a program, but you will see there is a fee for each course in the program. As you add each course to your cart, the fee for the course or courses will be displayed. 

In order to complete the diploma or certificate program, you will need to meet the requirements that are outlined in the details section of the program page. 

Once the required course or courses have been completed, you will receive a program completion certificate.