Organizational Chart

Advisory Board Structure

Advisory Board Structure

  1. Advisory Committee to consist of 17 members, comprised of one elected official from each of five counties (Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton, and Wilson); four community college Board of Trustee members; one representative each from Barton College and NC Wesleyan College; five business leaders from the area; and one staff member from UNC General Administration — with one staff person to act as Secretary, schedule meetings, record meeting minutes, serve as liaison between Advisory Board and Programming Committee, etc.

  3. Programming Committee represented by appropriate staff from higher education institutions serving the region.

  5. Requests for programs to be reviewed by the Programming Committee and sent to the Advisory Committee for submission to UNC-GA/NCCCS/NCICU to determine appropriateness and the UNC campus to supply programs. The Sr. V.P. for Academic Affairs will coordinate discussions with ECU, NC State and other UNC chancellors/CAOs as needed to facilitate review of requests and responses to the Advisory Committee.

  7. Requests for funding appropriations will then be submitted as necessary to the General Assembly of NC and the Federal Government.