Osher LLI Member Benefits/ID Card

OLLI members may wish to get a Wolfpack One Card so they can take advantage of several benefits that university partners provide to OLLI members. Once you have paid your annual membership fees, you may get your card made at the Wolfpack One Card office located on the first floor of the Talley Student Center (off the main lobby, to the left if you enter via the Cates Avenue entrance). Allow one week for the OLLI office to send membership updates to the Wolfpack One office. You must also show your OLLI membership receipt at the time your card is made. The card expires annually and must be updated each year. Visitor parking information for the Talley Student Center and Central Campus can be found here. The Coliseum Lot is recommended for the Talley Student Center.

Member benefits requiring the ID card:
Movies at the Campus Cinema.

Free admission to non-revenue sports on a space-available basis. These sports include Wolfpack Women’s basketball games, gymnastics, and baseball games. Show your OLLI ID at the box office immediately prior to the game’s start to get your ticket (be prepared to stand in line). If an event is sold out (a rarity), this benefit is not available.

NC State Libraries Benefits: OLLI members are entitled to limited privileges at the NC State Libraries, which includes the D.H. Hill Jr. Library and James B. Hunt Library (main libraries) and three branch libraries: Natural Resources, Design, and Veterinary Medical. Borrowing privileges and access to the Libraries’ extensive collections of books, journals, and most electronic resources are available. Be aware that remote access to many electronic databases and journals may not be available to OLLI members because of licensing agreements. Computer access is prioritized for NC State students and faculty. During the final exam periods, the libraries are open only to faculty and students enrolled in courses for credit. The libraries are not accessible to OLLI members during the 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. time period. More information about the privileges that are open to OLLI members can be found here: www.lib.ncsu.edu/borrow/privileges. To register for privileges, OLLI members must present the Wolfpack One ID card at D.H. Hill Jr. or James B. Hunt Library’s help desk.

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