Register Online for OLLI Offerings

How to Register Online for Fall 2021 Semester. IMPORTANT: Sign In/Sign Up first before searching for courses and adding to your cart.

Click Here to view a full alphabetical list of current offerings. After signing in, you may add courses from this list to your cart. If you wish to view courses by calendar dates, choose the “View by Calendar” tab (courses will only appear on the calendar when they are open for registration). If you are viewing the list prior to registration opening, you can choose “Add to Watchlist” to receive notification when registration for a particular course is available.

View Fall 2021 Semester Courses by Catalog PDF.

View a video about how to register in the new system. If you want to slow down the pace of the video, click the Settings (gear symbol) at the bottom, choose Playback Speed, and reduce from Normal speed.