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Non Credit Degree Reporting ReportsThe Non Credit Degree Reporting System is a university wide database of educational activities provided by the colleges, departments, extension, engagement and continuing education units at NC State University. The office of the Vice Provost for Continuing Education provides the management of and interfacing with campus units to collect the data related to the activities and to report back to the university leadership on an annual basis. The data includes the campus unit submitting the information along with the number of participants, the number of activities, and the codes for the area of impact, the industry classification, and the classification of instructional programs.

These campus activities are offered for the purposes of enhancing employment opportunities and job skills, improving citizenship skills, supporting economic or community development, or enriching personal understanding and skill development. They may, but need not, confer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or similar awards that formally recognize student participation. They may be offered synchronously or asynchronously. If the activities are inter-institutional programs, participant counts should be prorated or assigned to a designated "lead" institution, based on a directive from University of North Carolina General Administration.

The definitions for educational non credit activity are:

  • Any non-degree credit workshop, conference, seminar, short program, course or other structured educational experience in which participants register by name. Enrollment is not limited to campus faculty, staff and students.
  • In general, such an activity will be one that includes prior planning of the event and designation of materials to be used in the activity, qualified instruction, a syllabus with stated objectives, and program evaluation.
  • The institution sponsors or offers the activity if it reviews or develops the content for the activity.
  • The institution hosts the activity if it makes available its facilities and/or provides support services to an outside sponsor, but has no responsibility for reviewing or developing the content for the activity.

Non Credit Degree Reporting Reports

Examples of appropriate activities are: computer training; in-service training courses for teachers, health workers, and other professional; youth programs for educational enrichment; corporation-sponsored training; elderhostels; travel/study tour; training programs for schools and units of government; and non credit offerings for students enrollment in degree-credit courses.

Examples of activities that should be excluded are lectures of other activities not open to the public; meeting(s) held on the campus with no other institutional involvement and no registration process; cultural events; and intercollegiate sports activities.

For information regarding the reporting system, contact Joyce Barron at 919.515.8927 or email