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The most in-depth and proven energy management training of its kind

NC State Continuing and Lifelong Education is proud to offer the Energy Management Diploma Program in partnership with the Institute of Energy Professionals®. This one-of-a-kind program aims to help you reduce energy consumption, achieve sustainability goals, and enhance profitability through energy efficiency and management. It’s the longest-running energy management and efficiency training in the world!  

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Join us Aug. 27, 2024, at noon for an online information session to learn more about the program

Practical, impactful, and backed by expertise in energy efficiency. 


Participants leave with actionable learning that can be taken back to their day-to-day job activities and applied immediately. Instructional topics include the core technical topics — electric rates, air compressors, HVAC, boilers, building envelope, BAS, etc. — but also the broader topics around how to start and maintain a successful energy management program, strategic energy planning, managing energy beyond profitability, and more.

Designed for a wide range of participants — from boots-on-the-ground maintenance professionals to Fortune 500 energy managers — the Energy Management Diploma Program features expert instructors with knowledge at all levels. Program instructors are actively consulting with a variety of companies and organizations who are facing the same problems and challenges as our participants.  

Asking pointed questions about your unique situation with an expert in that respective field is an invaluable tool for getting what YOU need from the training.

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One Exam, Two Credentials


Once the course requirements have been fulfilled, the participant can sit for the Energy Management Diploma exam. The exam is a capstone assessment of the entire course. If desired, the exam can also serve as the examination for the Professional Energy Manager® (PEM) exam, allowing the participant to obtain both the diploma and certification with a single exam.

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What graduates of the diploma are saying… 


“The NC State University Energy Management Diploma program is the best, most practical and directly applicable training that I have ever attended. I was able to save thousands of dollars for my company immediately upon returning to work after the training.” — Michael Stowe, Professional Engineer

“I enjoyed the classes and were full of useful content and real-life experiences which put its all-in perspective.”  — John Keever, Senior Energy Services Specialist

“I left more informed, as well as confident, of the goals of energy management when it comes to real-life applications after leaving Energy Management 3 and the diploma as a whole.” — Tyler Welsh, Vice President of Preconstruction and Special Projects 

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Program Format


Three one-week courses make up the Energy Management Diploma Program. Courses can be taken in any order. Classes are available in person or online to fit individual participants’ learning styles and travel abilities. 

View the FAQ for more information on how to register. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to take the classes in order from 1 to 3? 

No, you can take each course in any order. 

How much does the Energy Management Diploma Program cost? 

Each course is $1,995 totaling $5,985 for the three-class diploma program. The registration fee will increase by $200 two weeks prior to each class session. 

How do I register? 

Select the Register Now button. You will be directed to REPORTER where you will register for the diploma, and then for the course/courses that comprise the program.  

Log in to REPORTER using the Brickyard Login option, and register for the program, following the instructions provided below.

How to register after you have logged into REPORTER

Locate the certificate or diploma program in the catalog or through a direct link.

Select the Register button.

A confirmation window will open; confirm you would like to register yourself for the program by selecting Proceed.

You will then arrive at your order summary. Check out, and then return to the homepage to select the course or courses that comprise the program.

How to register for courses in a certificate or diploma program

On your homepage, navigate to the ‘Program Enrollment’ section. Locate the Certificate and select the View Programs option under the title.

  • Select the blue Register for All Program Items button.
  • You will be brought to a filtered view of the catalog, showing the items in your program. Select the Add to Cart option next to each course you wish to register for.
  • After selecting the last course for your program, select ‘Proceed to Cart’ on the popup — or select the Cart link in the top right.

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Then select the green ‘Proceed to Order Summary’ button on the right-hand side.

Review your selections, and then select the ‘Checkout’ button at the bottom of the page.

You should be brought to your order summary, confirming your registration. You can add sessions to your calendar by selecting the ‘Add to Calendar’ button. You will also receive a registration email for each course with additional details.

Call us at 919.515.2261 if you need any assistance registering! 

Who should I contact with questions? 

Contact the NC State Office of Professional Development at or 919.515.2261 with any questions or for more information.