Building Wealth and Passive Income with Real Estate Investing

Building Wealth and Passive Income with Real Estate Investing

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Welcome to the next opportunity to build wealth through real estate investment and income!

Written, designed, and led by a local real estate investment expert, this course is ideal for both novice and intermediate investors, as well as real estate brokers, who are looking to start or grow their investment portfolios. The curriculum examines various real estate investment opportunities to build future wealth and passive income — including specific examples, analysis and insights on how to best navigate the real estate investment market in ever-changing economic environments, including recessionary environments. The course also goes in depth on long term and short term (airbnb) rentals, as well as examines cash flows in a high interest rate market.

Ready to start building your wealth with real estate investing? 



The seminar-style discussion includes an in-depth study of real-world examples from the North Carolina real estate market. This one-day course offers a deep dive into actual rental home scenarios in the local market and how to use them as a way to build a portfolio, from setting initial financial goals and financing the property, through the more complex issues of budgets, cash flows, depreciation, investment analysis, and even taxes and future profit realization. The seminar will examine short term rentals (airbnb) and long term rentals alike as to help investment portfolio diversification. You will also be exposed to the additional critical topics of insurance nuances, evictions, and creating LLCs and similar structures specifically for real estate, in addition to how to navigate today’s interest rate environment.

Unlike other, similarly advertised seminars, this course does not require any additional “upsell” or materials to purchase — it is an all-inclusive course packed with information and advice designed to get you started on your way to building real estate wealth and income, mainly focused on North Carolina properties. The best part — it’s only one day of your time!  

  • Establishing real-world investing goals
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Short Term Rentals (Airbnb/VRBO)
  • Picking the right investment property
  • Investing with higher interest rates
  • Managing investments during a recession
  • Budgets and day to day operations
  • Tenant management
  • Financing options with limited cash
  • Creating and managing your LLC
  • Lease-to-owns
  • Depreciation, taxes and Insurances
  • Evictions and future resale of your home
  • Carrying costs, vacancies and insurances
  • Tax & Exit strategies to keep more of your money
  • Subject-To’s

Course Details 


Date and time: April 6, 2024, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Location: McKimmon Conference and Training Center (in-person) and online via Zoom.

Cost: $199 for the in-person course and $169 for the virtual option. 

Details: Lunch is provided for in-person attendees. Four hours of continuing education credits are available for applicable attendees. 

While the course is designed for the general public, the in-person option does conveniently include four hours of elective continuing education (CE) credits approved by the NC Real Estate Commission for real estate brokers. 

In order to receive the CE credit, it is mandatory that you contact Jason Kogok at 919.602.5969 or within 48 hours of signing up for the course to provide your NC license information. CE credit will not be issued unless you contact Jason within 48 hours of registering. To earn the credit, you must present your North Carolina pocket card and ID at the time of the seminar, and meet all attendance requirements.

Meet Your Instructor 


Jason Kogok is co-owner of a prominent North Carolina real estate team and founder of Investor’s Wealth Education, LLC. Jason has more than two decades of experience and has grown his team to the top ranks in North Carolina. He manges his own successful real estate and rental portfolios, adding in “fix and flip” properties along the way. 

Jason also has a passion for teaching, where he shares his extensive real estate investing knowledge with his students. He teaches and coaches brokers and novice and intermediate investors and works alongside large, individual investors to scale their portfolios. 

In addition, Jason wrote the Amazon best seller “Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel: A Beginners Guide to Building Wealth with Real Estate.” It was named the No. 1 best single-family real estate investing book by the American Apartment Owners Association in 2023.

Jason lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife and two children. 



“Jason’s real estate investing course was full of relevant, real-world information. He is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher and I recommend his seminars to anyone interested in getting into real estate investing!” — Sara V.

“I thought the seminar was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The common sense management suggestions, as well as the technical and financial evaluation and applications, were perfect.  The day was a great investment, and I hope to take another class soon.” — Bynum M.  

“I really enjoyed your class. You can see you have a passion for teaching with how well you explain information at all levels and answer questions. You can genuinely see you want people to understand to become more knowledgeable to grow their own success.” — Caroline F.



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