ACI/NCDOT Concrete Field Technician Grade 1

This course is part of the technical support and outreach agreement between NC State University and the NCDOT to provide enhanced training/certification opportunities to the concrete industry in areas related to concrete materials and quality control/assurance methods and technologies.

The NC State University training/certification course follows the same format as the one originally developed by the NCDOT for this purpose. This course is intended for concrete technicians that have previously performed concrete testing with fresh concrete for a minimum of two (2) months. Currently, the course content is online with the exams scheduled for a designated Saturday to complete. ACI and NCDOT "Concrete Field Technician Grade 1" certifications are awarded upon adequate performance on both field and written examinations required by ACI and NCDOT. This training is a general review of processes and practices and is not intended to be a substitute for the experience necessary to successfully pass the ACI and the NCDOT examinations. 

Class materials will be provided to each registrant prior to the scheduled exam date of the course. You can view and print course materials before the start of the class by using the following instructions:

For more information about the course materials, please contact Roberto Nuñez via email.

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
ACI/NCDOT Concrete Field Technician Grade 108/10/24 - 08/10/24Off CampusClassroom05/30/24 - 07/31/24  REGISTER NOW
ACI/NCDOT Concrete Field Technician Grade 109/07/24 - 09/07/24Off CampusClassroom05/30/24 - 08/28/24  REGISTER NOW
ACI/NCDOT Concrete Field Technician Grade 110/12/24 - 10/12/24Off CampusClassroom05/30/24 - 10/02/24  REGISTER NOW
ACI/NCDOT Concrete Field Technician Grade 111/09/24 - 11/09/24Off CampusClassroom05/30/24 - 10/30/24  REGISTER NOW