Blockchain Entrepreneur - Online

Blockchain is becoming one of the most exciting technologies that are disrupting businesses and industries alike; its massive impact across all business sectors will provide an incalculable number of new opportunities, all at a fast hyper-competitive pace. A blockchain entrepreneur is a business-minded individual who is willing to understand, develop and implement a new product, service or strategy leveraging the emergence of blockchain technology. Individuals taking this course will understand the basis of this technology and will learn how to work with developers to build an enterprise-grade solution for existing businesses, governments and organizations.

The initial course within the Blockchain Entrepreneur program will introduce you to the decisions related to blockchain deployment. It is important to understand the available platforms, hosting, associated technologies, languages and security that are paramount to the success of any proof of concept or enterprise deployment. In this course, you will receive an independent view of each of these topics, and you will learn the pros and cons of each decision as well as a non-technical summary of implementation. 

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Blockchain Entrepreneur - Online07/20/20 - 07/01/21Online07/20/20 - 06/30/21  REGISTER NOW