Blockchain Finance Professional - Online

The Blockchain Finance Professional immersive online course is for finance sector professionals and other individuals who wish to understand digital currencies and blockchain technology, with a focus on adoption and use within the financial sector. You will begin with blockchain fundamentals and cryptocurrencies, then move on to cryptocurrency trading and the implications for the financial sector. Understanding FinTech--blockchain’s impact and implementation of standards within the financial sector--will equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate industry changes and gain a competitive edge.

The crypto trading portion of the course will provide an in-depth understanding of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace. You will gain insight into the investment in bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies, along with key knowledge on how to manage these investments.

See specific content information below in "Learning Outcomes."

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Blockchain Finance Professional - Online07/20/20 - 07/01/21Online07/20/20 - 06/30/21  REGISTER NOW