Electrical Engineering Principles and Practices for Non-Electrical Engineers

This course--designed for engineers, professional engineers, energy professionals, engineering managers, technical professionals, facilities managers and other professionals who are not intimately familiar or current on electrical engineering principles and practices--will present the principles of electricity in a simple, easy to understand, format. Themed after the book published by the instructor, Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers, discussion will use simple analogies and practical, day-to-day examples to illustrate the otherwise abstract concepts of electrical engineering. At the conclusion of the class, you will be able to perform straightforward and common calculations associated with voltage, current, resistance, circuit analysis, DC, single phase AC, three phase AC, power, power factor, service factor, load factor, and much more. Practical examples of electrical equipment applications in industrial, commercial and institutional settings will be covered. Discussion will include electrical equipment, components, safety electronic devices, and test instrumentation; you will also be introduced to important concepts in electrical safety.

Who Should Attend

  • Licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) who need to meet the annual or biennial license renewal PDH (Professional Development Hour) or CEU (Continuing Education Unit) requirements
  • Engineers and architects who do not possess current working knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Facility managers, engineering managers, program/project managers and other executives or leaders who feel a lack of adequate electrical knowledge to hold meaningful discussions and to make informed decisions with interacting with their electrical subordinates or colleagues
  • Non-engineers, including technical writers, responsible for developing operations and maintenance manuals for electrical or electrically operated equipment
  • Procurement/purchasing professionals who are responsible for acquisition of electrical or electrically operated equipment
  • Candidates aspiring to take the FE or PE exams
  • Energy managers and construction managers
  • Maintenance engineers and maintenance managers
  • Patent attorneys and attorneys who specialize in construction, workplace safety workmanship litigation cases
  • Other professionals whose annual PLP, Performance and Learning Program, includes engineering/technical courses/seminars/workshops

Attend and You Will Receive 

  • 8.0 PDHs/0.8 CEUs (7.5 PDHs for NYS Lic.)
  • Reference notebook with activities
  • Networking break and luncheon for in-person participants
  • Certificate of completion from NC State University
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