Facilities Engineering Management 2

Facilities Engineering Management (FEM) 2 is part of the Facilities Engineering Management Diploma program, designed to provide facility maintenance management professionals with the knowledge you need to help your facility reach its goals. In FEM 2, you will concentrate on project management; environmental, safety and health issues; heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls; improving the building envelope for the environment; and changes in electrical power delivery.

Tailor your learning experience to your needs and choose from the following topics:

  • Scheduling with the critical path method (CPM)
  • OSHA general industry discussion
  • Pump efficiency and reliability
  • Building envelope and the environment
  • DDC control strategies and specifications
  • Compressed air systems and management
  • The impact of distributed generation

About the FEM Diploma Program
Three one-week courses–totaling 96 contact hours--will provide you with critical, money-saving skills in the areas of maintenance, electrical, mechanical, environmental, health and safety, construction, energy conservation, and management material. The weekly sessions, or equivalent hours, do not have to be taken in sequence. Upon the completion of the requirements, you will be expected to make a final presentation (15 minutes) on your special experiences in the field of facilities management. You will then be awarded a non-degree diploma from NC State's Office of Professional Development.


Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Facilities Engineering Management 212/02/24 - 12/06/24McKimmon CenterClassroom03/11/24 - 11/25/24  REGISTER NOW