Foundations of Agile Project Management

To be agile is to be able to think and move quickly and easily. To project managers, Agile describes how they deal with uncertainty and an ever-changing environment. Agile is a doctrine or way of thinking that was conceived as an alternative to the waterfall methodology by a group of software programmers who moved from the traditional, sequential waterfall approach to methods dependent/reliant on customer feedback and iterative, incremental adjustment throughout the development lifecycle. Popular in the tech world and beyond, Agile is a movement within project management that seeks to improve collaboration and response rates while anticipating complexity and change. Agile can denote any number of methodologies: Kanban, Scrum, XP, DevOps, SAFe®, Crystal, and LSD. This course does not promote or focus on a single methodology. 

Why You Should Attend 
You should attend this course to expand your PM toolkit by learning Agile methods for managing projects with a high degree of uncertainty, are rapidly changing, and require a lot of customer involvement.  In addition, an interdisciplinary instructor with many years of real-world experience involving different project management methodologies who can supplement the course materials with relevant examples and coaching teaches this course.

Who Should Attend 
This course is intended for individuals and/or organizations that have a fundamental level of project management knowledge and that are managing IT-related projects or projects with a high degree of unknown in rapidly changing environments. It is a great “first” or foundational class for those planning to explore other Agile methodologies. 

Attend and You Will Receive 

  • A course workbook with reference materials (pdf format for download)
  • 21 PDUs/2.1 CEUs
  • A certificate of attendance from NC State University
Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Foundations of Agile Project Management - Virtual10/08/24 - 10/10/24Webinar05/20/24 - 10/04/24  REGISTER NOW