Great Decisions 2023

This discussion course will cover a different international or foreign policy topic each week. Participants will read a chapter in the Foreign Policy Association’s non-partisan briefing book and then come to class prepared to discuss the different sides of the issue. The facilitator will spur discussion along.

The topics (discussed in the order listed):

  • Mideast Realignment
  • Climate Technology and Competition
  • Science Across Borders
  • U.S.-China Trade Rivalry
  • NATO's Future
  • Understanding Indonesia
  • High Seas Treaty
  • Pandemic Preparedness

Required reading: The OLLI office will purchase a copy of the Great Decisions 2023 Briefing Book for each participant.  The cost of this course includes the 8 classroom sessions plus the book. Participants will be notified when the books have arrived in the office and are ready for pickup.

EARLY BIRD PRICING: Register by Dec. 15 to receive the discounted price of $100. The fee for registrations after Dec. 15 will be $110.

NOTE: There are two different sections, instances, and facilitators for this course. Choose the instance that best fits your schedule, and check listings for facilitator information.

Facilitator for Section/Instance 000004 on First Term Tuesdays at 1:00pm: Mike Ganey

Facilitator for Section/Instance 000005 on Second Term Tuesdays at 11:00am:  Tom Price

Registration Deadline for Section/Instance 000004: Jan. 15

Registration Deadline for Section/Instance 000005: Feb. 26

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