Napoleonic Wars Part I

Join us for the beginning of a new series, the Napoleonic Wars. Part I will cover what came to be called the War of the First Coalition, also known as the French Revolutionary Wars. Fear of a spreading ideology tied to the French Revolution and the desire to maintain their monarchies led many European nations to declare war with France. During this period from 1792 to 1797, Britain, Austria, Prussia and Spain united against the new French Republic. Entering onto the stage was a young Corsican officer, Napoleon Bonaparte. His very name became the title of this collection of wars that ended in 1815 at Waterloo. This series will cover the battle histories of the entire period, as they shaped what came to be Modern Europe.

Notes: There are two identical sections of this course, one in the first term and one in the second; choose the one that best fits your schedule. 

Registration Deadline for the first term: Jan. 20

Registration Deadline for the second term: March 9

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