National Electrical Code NFPA 70 Intro, Review and Update

This course will cover key articles of the NFPA 70, aka the National Electrical Code (NEC), and will provide an update of changes. The content is designed so that non-electrical engineers and non-electricians can learn the basic tenets of the NEC. Upon attending this course, you will be able to identify codes pertaining to various electrical equipment installations. You will learn the methodology associated with analyzing and interpreting key articles in the National Electrical Code. Some key calculations related to the application of the code will be illustrated, followed by class exercises for knowledge reinforcement purposes.

The main focus of this course is low voltage (0 to 1000V). The major updates in the revision of the code will be covered. In order to enhance your understanding of the line current differences between three-phase AC, “Y” and “∆ - Delta” configurations--in the selection and application of protective devices--methods for calculating three-phase AC currents in “Y” and “∆ - Delta” loads will be covered. This one-day review of the NEC is an abridged version of the typical one-week comprehensive course. 

Who Should Attend

  • Licensed Professional Engineers, who need to meet the annual or biennial license renewal PDH (Professional Development Hour) or CEU (Continuing Education Units) requirements
  • Engineers and architects who do not possess a current working knowledge of the NEC
  • Facility managers, engineering managers, program/project managers and other professionals who feel a lack of adequate familiarity with the NEC to hold meaningful discussions and to make informed decisions when interacting with their electrical subordinates or colleagues
  • Procurement/purchasing professionals who are responsible for acquisition of electrical installation services
  • Candidates aspiring to take the FE or PE exams
  • Construction managers
  • Maintenance engineers and maintenance managers
  • Other professionals whose annual PLP, performance and learning program, includes engineering/technical courses/seminars/workshops

Attend and You Will Receive

  • 8 PDHs/0.8 CEUs (7.5 PDHs for NYS Lic.)
  • Reference notebook with activities
  • Networking luncheon and breaks
  • Certificate of completion from NC State University
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