Practical Leadership Skills

Learn how to lead people when results matter!  Research has shown that successful leaders in all arenas exhibit remarkably consistent actions and behaviors, and that virtually anyone can adopt these practices to improve their leadership effectiveness.  Even though they cannot be reduced to a tidy formula or equation, the principles of leadership are every bit as legitimate—and learnable—like those of finance or engineering. This powerful class will provide you with a blueprint for becoming a successful leader, capable of motivating followers to achieve objectives. You will learn the important steps you can take to gain the trust of your team members—the first step toward leadership—and become familiar with other critical elements such as commonly encountered personality traits of both leaders and followers, case studies of leadership in action, and leadership principles that can successfully be applied to numerous situations. You will also use various instruments to assess your own personality and disposition as a leader.

This program will benefit aspiring leaders whose jobs involve engineering, data processing, information technology, construction, research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, corporate planning, finance, marketing and quality. 

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