Study Trip – Recycling in Raleigh

What happens to all those newspapers and bottles that you diligently collect and place out for the recycling truck to collect?  This study trip will provide the answers! Our tour will begin in the Educational Center at Sonoco Recycling in Raleigh. From the comfort of your seat, you will be able to observe the sorting process from start to finish via a camera system, TV screen and windows onto the sorting floor. You will also have the opportunity to examine a selection of products made from recycled materials and learn what is acceptable and what is not welcome in your recycling bin. The second (optional) part of the tour involves donning a hard hat, safety goggles, earplugs, and vest for a close-up look at the employees and machines that sort the materials.

Note: If you choose to take the tour of the sorting floor you must be able to climb stairs and walk on narrow catwalks. You must also be willing to sign a waiver indemnifying Sonoco against any injury. If you do not wish to take part in the tour of the sorting floor, you may remain in the Educational Center.

Activity Level 2 - Climb flight(s) of stairs, walk on uneven surfaces like gravel or grass, stand for over an hour. Example: Recycling in Raleigh (Sonoco Recycling), Durham Bulls Outing, Memorial Bell Tower

Includes: NCSU Transportation, Sonoco Facility Tour

Location: Sonoco Recycling Center

Depart: 9:15 am

The bus will pick up outside the front entrance of the McKimmon Center a few minutes before departure. Please arrive in plenty of time to park your vehicle and meet the group. OLLI Special Programs Coordinator, Lindsey Hale, will meet you on arrival and will accompany the group on the study trip. You will receive a reminder email three business days before the date with further instructions.

Return: Approximately 12:15 pm

Registration Deadline: March 8

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