Talking About Race and Ethnicity

The "living room conversation" format provides us with a structure and conversation agreements by which we can explore our experiences with and feelings about people who differ from us racially and ethnically. At the beginning of each session we will review the conversation agreements; we will then respond to a set of structured questions. The structured format is designed to help us listen thoughtfully and non-judgmentally to others, and to serve as a place where we can be listened to. It is not a place to debate or attempt to persuade others of your views. The co-moderators will ensure equal “air time” for all participants and keep the discussion on track.

We'll discuss:

•    The meaning of race and ethnicity

•    How we interpret race and ethnicity

•    Our experiences with people of different races and ethnicities

•    Any feelings that have resulted from our lived experience with race and ethnicity

•    Microaggressions -- what they are and how we can deal with them

This course is participative and interactive, and includes opportunities to help you better understand how you interact with people who are racially and culturally different from you.

Registration deadline: Jan. 14

Name Session Dates Location Format Registration Dates
Talking About Race and Ethnicity01/16/24 - 01/30/24McKimmon CenterClassroom11/16/23 - 01/15/24  REGISTER NOW