The End of Everything, Astrophysically Speaking

Following cosmologist Katie Mack’s best seller: The universe had a beginning. With the Big Bang, it expanded from a state of unimaginable density to an all-encompassing cosmic fireball to a simmering fluid of matter and energy, laying down the seeds for everything from black holes to one planet orbiting a star near the edge of a galaxy that developed life. But what happens to the universe at the end of the story? Here we take a mind-bending tour through five of the cosmos’s possible finales: the Big Crunch, Heat Death, the Big Rip, Vacuum Decay, and the Bounce. We will guide you through cutting-edge science and major concepts in quantum mechanics, cosmology, string theory, and more.

Required Reading: The End of Everything, Katie Mack

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The End of Everything, Astrophysically Speaking01/18/24 - 02/22/24McKimmon CenterClassroom11/16/23 - 01/17/24  REGISTER NOW